Leadership Training crafted by Project Management Professionals geared specifically to Project Management Professionals.

We address key topics such as:

• The do-or-die critical nature of effective communication

• How to achieve buy-in to “the plan”

• Why good processes fail – and how to avoid that failure

• Insights on motivating team members who don’t report to you

• The importance of working with - not against - your company’s culture

• How to prepare for and manage through crises

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Guest Blogger


As one who has worked closely with Doug for many years, I have come to appreciate and trust him as a leader. Doug’s drive and natural curiosity leads him to seek opportunities to improve on core, critical business processes. He builds effective bridges with his team members, while successfully driving his organizations to perform to the highest of standards.

- Luis Camara Manoel, Sr. Operations Manager, Microsoft

Doug is the type of manager I hope to be someday. Doug never lost touch of his direct reports no matter how busy he was. His open door policies were typical of the forward thinking and innovative ideas Doug champions today. Doug continually sought ways to increase the productivity of his teams by pioneering the idea of templates and macros at a time when no-one else in the industry knew what they were. Doug will be the manager others will be measured against.

- Miguel Vargas, Sr. Localization Coordinator, St. Jude Medical

Doug is a smart, articulate, detail-oriented business leader who takes great pride in his work and is able to get the most out of the projects he works on. If he doesn't know something on a project, he'll tell you--and then start investigating until he knows the details. He's very data driven, is a terrific "people person" and yet has the vision and energy to really drive on business-critical tasks.

- Dale Little, Sr. Content Publishing Manager, Microsoft

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